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Dear Prospective Students!

Learning in Islamic University of Indonesia or UII (Universitas Islam Indonesia), is conceived as a process of enlightening mind to enable the learners to contribute in improving the quality of the environment in the future, or ideally, to be the mercy of the world (rahmatan li al-'alamiin). Guided by this vision, UII, with its valuable resources and experiences achieves excellence in delivering education.

Campuses and facilities . Situated on Jalan Kaliurang, UII main campus with its milder and more pleasant climate is an excellent place to study and enjoy academic life. Three other campuses are more easily reachable from the city. Mosque, sport hall, auditoriums, hospital and student convention center are among first-rate facilities available in these campuses

Teaching staff. Excellent teaching staffs in UII mostly hold master and doctorate degrees from reputable universities in Indonesia and abroad. These lecturers are academicians, researchers and professionals to establish intensive links between academic and professional worlds.

Libraries and knowledge resources . Besides the Main Library serving in university level, there are more than a dozen libraries in faculties and research centers in UII. More than 250.000 books and periodicals covering  a great variety of knowledge are available in these libraries. E-books and online journals providing access to thousands periodicals and greatly extends the coverage of knowledge in these library. Many licensed software and training centers are available to enable students to acquire computing knowledge and skills at the international level. IT supports considerably increase the capacity of UII students to obtain knowledge and intensify collaborative learning. E-learning is provided for many subjects while hotspots are available in most part of the campuses.

Laboratory and research centers. Practical works and research are instrumental in transferring, developing and improving knowledge. UII, therefore, provides 74 laboratories and a great number of research centers for students and faculty members.

Grants. Islamic University of Indonesia is one of the universities receiving largest amount of grants from government especially from Ministry of National Education and Ministry of Research and Technology. For the last five years, UII receive more than 50 billions and at least 15 billions rupiahs for the next three years for the improvement some units in university level as well as in many excellent departments and research centers. These grants contribute significantly in the advancements of facilities, infrastructure and skills for teaching and research.

Academic Quality Assurance . To ensure that the design and implementation of education processes comply respectable standards, UII establishes Board of Academic Development and Board of Quality Assurance.

Information Technology . This university is supported by solid infrastructure of information technology. Rangin from fibre optic backbone in the Main Campus, high-end wireless connection between campuses supported by own internet provider (UIINet ), to sef developed software and application for management and academic to hotspots and warnets (internet pools) are served mainly for students. Continuing development is also on going including strenghthening the internet facilities for students and staffs and integrated e-Learning .



Telepon : 0274-898471 ext.3235

Fax : 0274-895330

Website : http://www.civil.uii.ac.id

Alamat : Kampus Terpadu UII,

Jl. Kaliurang km 14.5, Besi, Sleman,

Yogyakarta 55584

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