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Head of Laboratory   : PRIMA JUANITA ROMADHONA, ST., M.Sc
Laboratory assistant  : Jeffry Maulana, S.Kom.

   Transportation Engineering Laboratory of the original into one and the development of Highway Laboratory, Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning UII . In 2009 , after the support equipment , both hardware and software sufficient and able to stand itself, the Transportation Engineering Laboratory separated from the Highway Laboratory. Although still new, this laboratory is supported by experts and professional surveyors in the field of transportation systems.

  Transportation laboratory in academic devoted to practical activities in the framework of the introduction, knowledge of the field survey and analysis of transport and traffic. To development framework directed at the areas of planning , design , management , monitoring , and evaluation of transport and traffic studies , as well as software training . Thus , in addition to serving the academic activities , as well cooperation activities and community service.



  • Test traffic performance ( delay , speed , degree of saturation , level of service ) either locally ( eg intersection ) and the road network
  • Analysis maps with Autocad and GIS programs
  • Transportation planning ( manufacturing of transportation projects through feasibility studies of trip generation , trip distriusi , peilihan mode , and the software Elections EMME - 3 )
  • Planning road and intersection geometry along with the accessories ( markings , signs , and traffic lights )
  • Processing of data traffic with statistical program SPSS and MINITAB
  • Road maintenance planning and completeness



  • The Computer servers and their terminal
  • Handy camp
  • DVD Player
  • Hand Tally counter
  • Stop watch
  • Authomatic Traffic Data recorders (Trax Flex HS) equipped with a data analysis software dor traffic Windowa (TRAX Pro)
  • Collector Data Traffic TDC-12 is equipped with Traffic Data analysis soft ware for Windows (PETRA Pro)
  • Sound level meter.
  • Air Pollution
  • The Software EMMY-3 (transportation planning)
  • Software TRANSYT-12 (coordination of traffic lights)
  • Software other support



  1. Ir. Corry Jacub, M,S,
  2. Ir. Subarkah, M.T.
  3. Ir. Bachnas, M. Sc
  4. Ir. Mochamad Sigit DS., M.T.
  5. Berlian Kushari, S.T., M. Eng



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