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Head of Laboratory   : Ir. Subarkah, MT. 
Laboratory assistant


- Sukamto HM
- Pranoto

   Highway Laboratory, Department, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning UII established in 1984 with the main objective to support the academic activities such as lab for students, research and community service. When first established, the new lab can be used for practical activities.

   Every year at the time of the preparation of the Civil Engineering Department program, always programmed addition of laboratory equipment. It also attempted to get the grant, so that the laboratory can follow Highway development of science and technology.

   With current equipment, Laboratory Road in addition to serving practical activities for students, as well as serving the community in need of services in the field of materials testing laboratories way, both laboratory testing and field testing, and training related to pavement problems.



  • Testing Sub Grade (CBR Laboratories, CBR field measurements, subgrade DCP measurements, density)
  • Testing of flexible pavement materials (penetration, flash point and burning point, ductility, refining bitumen, asphalt on aggregate adhesion, abrasion, specific gravity and absorption of fine and coarse aggregate, asphalt aggregate attachment)
  • Asphalt mix design (optimum bitumen content, Marshall test)
  • Testing of asphalt concrete field (Core Drill, Extraction, Bit Test, Asphalt Content, Gradation Actual Conditions)
  • Pavement flatness measurement with profilometer or Straight Edge
  • Behind the flexible pavement deflection measurements with Benklemen Beam
  • Hire laboratory equipment (Special: Profilometer, Straight Edge, and Benklemen Beam)
  • Pavement performance measurement training, field testing pavement and asphalt design)



  • Liquid Limit Device dan Grooving Tool
  • CBR mold and accessories
  • Motor Siev Shaker
  • Economy L.A. Abration Machine
  • Deluxe Asphalt Centrifuge Extractor
  • Asphalt Stability Testing Machine
  • Automatic Compaction
  • Large-Capacity Water Bath
  • Standard Penetrometer
  • Electric Softening Point Test
  • Flash and Fire Points Cleaveland Open Cup
  • Emulsified Asphalt Destilation Apparatus
  • Asphalt oven with Revolving Shelf
  • Saybolt Viscometer
  • Ductilometer
  • CBR test Machine Field CBR set
  • Dynamic Coe Penetrometer 6”
  • Softening Point Test Set
  • Sand Cone Density
  • Portable Core Driling Machine
  • Friction tester/Portable Skid Resistance Tester
  • Frofilometer/Road Roughness Indicator
  • Benkelman Beam Apparatus
  • Straight Edge



  1. Ir. Bachnas, M. Sc
  2. Ir. Corry Jacub, M.S
  3. Prof. Ir. Sarwidi, MSCE, Ph.D
  4. Miftahul Fauziah, S.T., M.T., Ph.D



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Telphone : 0274-898471 ext.3235

Fax : 0274-895330

Website :

Address : Kampus Terpadu UII,

Jl. Kaliurang km 14.5, Besi, Sleman,

Yogyakarta 55584


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