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Head of Laoratory   : SUHARYATMO, Ir., M.T.  
Laboratory assistant


- Suwarno
- Darussalam

   Laboratory of Engineering Construction Materials, Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning UII was established in 1984. Currently this lab already has the proper equipment , laboratory skilled , and reliable experts , so in addition be used to support academic activities, has also provided consulting / services / supervision , evaluation , testing , and training aik to private and government agencies , among others : the concrete surface hardness testing by Hammer at Tower BTS Schmmidt PT . Indo Nusa Perkasa Mora area Central Java-Yogyakarta , Yogyakarta BTS tower , made of concrete mix design . Implement Core Drill Hall building projects Batik Yogyakarta , helping activities Assessment Organization Technical Consultation on Passenger Terminal UII Yogyakarta , Yogyakarta Archives Building and Arts and Crafts Market in Yogyakarta Concrete surface hardness testing and Inspection location and diameter of reinforcement with Profometer , implementing robust testing Urges Concrete Pull and Strong steel of development projects that are in Yogyakarta , etc.



  • Inspection Fine Aggregate / Coarse: density, volume of solid and loose weight, water absorption, sieve analysis / grading, silt content of sand.
  • Aggregate Abrasion Test
  • Designing a concrete mix (Mix Design) method SNI, ACI, DOE and Dreux
  • Testing Levels of Fresh Air in concrete
  • Concrete tie test time by Vicat apparatus
  • Slump Test Concrete
  • Urges Test, Fission Cylinder, Stress-Strain, and flexural strength (with load one or two points) Concrete
  • Scroll Pull Test, and Stress-Strain, Pull Baja-tulangan/pelat/profil
  • Testing tensile, shear, and pressed wood
  • Strong adhesion test of reinforcing steel in concrete
  • Testing does not spoil (nondestructive test) concrete with Schmidt rebound hammer (Hammer Test)
  • Semi-destructive testing of concrete to test drill core (core drill)
  • Inspection, diameter and number of steel-reinforcement with profometer
  • The training / course materials stacking concrete
  • The training / courses of concrete mix design



  • Shimadzu Universal Testing Machine capacity 30000 kgf and Hung Ta capacity of 30 tons
  • Urged elle testing machine type 3000 ADR 3000 kN capacity and a capacity of 500 kN Controls
  • Profometer
  • The Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine
  • Schmidt Rebound Hammer
  • Core Drill
  • Water Contest
  • Vicat Test
  • Desk Shakes
  • The other aids.



  1. Prof. Ir. Widodo, MSCE, Ph.D
  2. Ir. Harsoyo, M. Sc, Ph.D
  3. Ir. Susastrawan, MT.
  4. Ir. Ilman Noer, MT.



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Telphone : 0274-898471 ext.3235

Fax : 0274-895330

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Address : Kampus Terpadu UII,

Jl. Kaliurang km 14.5, Besi, Sleman,

Yogyakarta 55584


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