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Head of Laboratory   : Dr. Ir. Sri Amini Yuniastuti, MT.
Laboratory assistant  : Samsudin

   Hydraulics Laboratory of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Department of Civil Engineering and Planning UII was founded in 1995.Since then, it has been used for laboratory practicum and research faculty although still modest equipment. Laboratory development continues to this day with the addition of new equipment either, from their own funds or grants obtained.

  With current equipment, Hydraulics Laboratory has been used by some faculty and students to conduct research for the final study. Research in the form of testing the behavior of water at rest (hydrostatic) and move (hydrodynamic) in a variety of characteristics, channel various style sluice, bending, and discharge gauges. In addition the laboratory is also used for community service and research collaboration activities such as irrigation planning, plumbing, drainage and other research activities related to water.



  • Calculate real crest discharge (V-notch, broad crested, sharp crested, sluice gate)
  • Calculate the real discharge (volumetric ) in the flow ( closed or open ) with a maximum discharge 1 lte / sec
  • Bourdon Pressure Calibration and determine the amount of measurement error
  • Calculate the hydrostatic force on the flat fields submerged in water
  • Calculate the magnitude of force generated by jets of water on a plane ( curved or flat )
  • Measuring water velocity in open channel with a maximum depth of 1 meter and a maximum speed of 1 mtr / sec



  • Flume Simple Wave
  • Hydraulics bench
  • Dead Weight Calibrator
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus
  • Metacetric height
  • Bernoulli's Theorem Demonstration
  • Impact of Jet
  • Osborne Reynold's Demonstration
  • Flow Meter Demonstration
  • Propeller Velocity Motor



  1. Dr. Ir. Ruzardi, M.S
  2. Dr. Ir. Lalu Makrup, M.T.
  3. Ir. Bambang Sulistiono, MSCE
  4. Ir. Munadhir, M.S.



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