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Head of Laboratory   : SUHARYATMO, Ir., M.T.
Laboratory assistant  : Aris Sunanto 

  Structure and Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning UII was established in 1996. The laboratory tests used for a variety of structures with scale models or full scale. Experimental tests intended to determine the mechanical behavior due to static loads or dynamic loads on structures or structural elements made of reinforced concrete, steel, wood or other material covering the test pull / push, torsion, bending, and cyclic pushover.
  Equipments are available in this laboratory to perform the tests mentioned above in order to understand the structure and behavior elements. Besides being used as a means for faculty and student research, and services in this laboratory research, and collaboration with outside institutions.



  • Testing / research bending / deflection of reinforced concrete slab
  • Testing / research bending in the beam due to static load
  • Testing / research shear strength on the beam due to static load
  • Testing / research shear strength due to static shear on axial and biaxial
  • Testing / pushover research on beam-column connections
  • Testing / research local buckling of steel frame structures



  • Props structure models (Hi-Plan Universal Frame Ardstan and Brunel Road) Hi Tech
  • Hydraulic Jack Digital Push (SOW-R-4)
  • Push Manual Hydraulic Jack (PCS-700)
  • Tubes Wind
  • Railway Crane & 5 ton capacity
  • Frames Loading capacity of 100 tons and a small capacity
  • Rigid wall
  • Manual Hydraulic Pump (MP-15)
  • Automatic Hydraulic Pump (MP-15SW)
  • Load Cell (LUR-1KNSA 1) and load cell (LUR-b-500 KNSA 1)
  • Data Logger (UCAM-70A-20)
  • The Electronic Transducer 3 types: (DTH-A-30), (DTH-A-100), and (DTJ-A-200)
  • Magnetic Stand (7010 S-10)
  • Rotatable Supporting
  • Strain Gauge Series: (KFG-5-120), (C1-1 L5M2R), (KFG-10-120), (C1-1 L5M2R), (KFG-20-120), (C1-1 L5M2R)
  • The Load Cell Cable (N-32)
  • Transducer Cable (N-82)



  1. Prof. Ir. Widodo, MSCE, Ph.D
  2. Prof. Ir. Mochamad Teguh, MSCE, Ph.D
  3. Prof. Ir. Sarwidi, MSCE, Ph.D
  4. Ir. Harsoyo, Ph.D
  5. Ir. Suharyatmo, M.T.



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