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Disaster Risk Reduction Center
(DiRReC) - UII 


  • Disaster Risk Reduction Center (DiRReC) is the Center for the Study and Action-based Disaster Management under the Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of  Civil Engineering and Planning, Universitas Islam Indonesia. The DiRReC officially established on October 10, 2012 and is based in Building Dr.H. Mohammad Natsir, basement floor, Kampus Terpadu UII, Jl. Ground Km.14, 5 Yogyakarta. This center study organizational activity based on scientific commitment in order to reduce disaster risk (research & activity based risk reduction). Membership organization based on voluntary.


The aims of this activities are:

  • Collecting all the existing human resources in FTSP UII who have similar interests on disaster management on the basis of willingness,
  • Establish a framework for disaster management in the form of observers Study Center / real actions on disaster management .
  • Prepare the devices needed in an organization (Statutes and Bylaws, etc.) to oversee the running of an organization,

The objectives of this activities are:

  • The establishment of an organization of professional / semi-professional in terms of disaster management
  • The occurrence of synergy FTSP UII competence of human resources in terms of disaster management,
  • The implementation of thought, action and outspoken contribution for disaster management purposes
  • The achievement of the real benefits of the presence of outspoken for the benefit of society


  • Computing / Data-base disaster preparation
  • Inventory of basic thoughts on disaster
  • Discussion / Routine Assessment of Disaster / Disaster Management
  • Reconnaissance, Research and Community Service Disaster
  • Seminars, Training, Workshop on disaster
  • Publication, Dissemination of disaster


 1. Chairman  : Prof. Ir. Widodo, MSCE., Ph.D
 2. Secretary General  : Setya Winarno, ST., MT., Ph.D
 3. Treasurer  : Yunalia Muntafi, ST., MT.
 4. Members  :  -  Prof. Ir. Sarwidi, MSCE., Ph.D
     -  Dr. Ir. Lalu Makrup., MT.
     -  Ir. Bambang Sulistiono, MSCE.
     -  Fitri Nugraheni, ST., MT., Ph.D.
     -  Noor Cholis Idham, Ph.D
     -  Atika Ulfah Jamal, ST., M.Eng., MT.
     -  Agus Qowo ST.



Contact Us

Telphone : 0274-898471 ext.3235

Fax : 0274-895330

Website :

Address : Kampus Terpadu UII,

Jl. Kaliurang km 14.5, Besi, Sleman,

Yogyakarta 55584


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