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   We are The Innovation Centre of Merapi Volcanic Materials (PUSAT INOVASI MATERIAL VULKANIS MERAPI  /PIMVM). This Innovation Center is established and operated since 1 September 2012 and under the auspices of the Indonesian Islamic University (UII). PIMVM focuses on research activities, community empowerment, and business incubator for UII academic community and surrounding communities. This establishment is a testament to the seriousness of UII as the university closest to Mount Merapi in order to empower local resources (natural resources, human resources, and technological resources) so that people around Mount Merapi can utilize local potential to improve their life in real.

   The products developed by PIMVM are based on study and results of the research conducted by the lecturers and students of UII, primarily focused on building materials research of sand-cement based. These products have been through the process of testing in the community. For example: Brick Merapi as a results of PIMVM innovations have been initiated through a Focus Group Discussion with Alumni UII as a principal construction and have been tested in the Construction Materials Engineering Laboratory of UII. Merapi brick products have gained Indocement Award in 2012. PIMVM motto: MOVE, GROW, SHARE and in the frame of community development, especially communities around Mount Merapi, which UII Integrated Campus located.

Pengujian-Batako-Merapi-di-Laboratorium-Bahan-Konstruksi-UII Sertifikat-penghargaan-INDOCEMENT-AWARD
Figure 1. Laboratory Testing of Brick Merapi in Construction Materials Laboratory of UII  Figure 2. Certificate : INDOCEMENT AWARD

    As the media business incubator, PIMVM train prospective UII alumni so that after graduation they can develop a business motivated by the needs of quality sand-cement based building materials on the market. We are focused and consistent in producing high-quality building materials in accordance with SNI and also supported by the Construction Materials Laboratory of UII.


  • Brick (Figure 3) :
    • Exposed Merapi brick
    • Exposed brick texture
Produk-Batako-Merapi-dan-Batako-Tekstur-1 Produk-Batako-Merapi-dan-Batako-Tekstur-2
Figure 3.  Merapi brick and brick Texture
  • Paving Block (Figure 4) :
    • 6 cm thick; quality: K 200; K 250; K 300; K 400
    • 8 cm thick; quality: K 200; K 250; K 300; K 400
    • 10 cm thick; quality: K 200; K 250; K 300; K 400
Figure 4. Paving Block
  • Grass Block (Figure 5): :
    • 8 cm Thick, quality K 300
Figure 5. Product grass block


   PIMVM products intended for people who have a vision of quality. All the products have been tested in the laboratory and meet SNI standards. The products are favored in PIMVM is Merapi Brick. Merapi Brick is the ultimate choice for homes and quality buildings in Yogyakarta, due to its superiority in many aspects.

  • Compressive Strength in SNI Standard : Brick Merapi is the result of laboratory tests of Islamic University of Indonesia Laboratory, made with a large hydraulic press machine that meets the SNI standard compressive strength. Walls with high strength makes the building a more solid and harder to be destroyed by thieves. Its High strength make building resilience against the earthquakes.
  • Precision : High-tech production systems create dimension and size into precision, so it is quite fitting between the concrete blocks using glue adhesive brick-mortar (mortar fine), so that the construction process can be faster. Because of its precision, Merapi Brick are suitable for Exposed Brick of high artistic value.
  • Efficient in Cost and Time : Wall using Merapi Brick can be finished with “acian” directly (without plaster) so that can save costs untuill 13% and speed up the time  3x faster compared to using a regular brick. In addition, the holes in the Brick Merapi inaccessible electrical cables, so the wall becomes more orderly.
  • Lighter : Merapi Brick made hollow making it lighter than the ordinary brick, as well as the cost of transportation and construction to be more economical.
  • Energy efficiency : Merapi Brick has a thermal insulation which can save the cost of AC power and make the room feel more comfortable and cool throughout the day.
  • Soundproof : Because it is made hollow, Merapi Brick in addition to being lightweight, can also muffle noise well.
  • Durable : Merapi Brick made with sturdy materials so it is a product that is stable and durable.
  • Environmentally Friendly : The production of Merapi Brick are not using fertile land and no combustion in the manufacturing process (like a brick). Merapi Brick does not contain ingredients that are toxic or hazardous. Merapi Brick can not be used as living quarters for ticks or insects.
  • Empowerment : The production of Merapi Bricks is the effort to empower material, local communities, and local technology on the slopes of Mount Merapi in frame “rahmatan lil 'alamin”.





Figure 6. Special cement Silo owned by PIMVM UII Figure 7. Press kit and cement-sand mixer



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