Program Sarjana Teknik Sipil

Fakultas Teknik Sipil dan Perencanaan, Universitas Islam Indonesia

Jelajahi Masa Depan Anda di Teknik Sipil UII



20 JULI 2022

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Akreditasi Program Sarjana Teknik Sipil UII "A" menurut BAN-PT "Full Accredited" by JABEE "Full Accredited" by IABEE

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Alumni Inspiration

Your mindset is honed. Your ability to excel in the real world is sharpened. Thanks to Civil Engineering UII.

Graduation is not the end of learning. Instead, it’s the beginning of a more vigorous learning process. Studying at Civil Engineering UII made me better prepared.

The students here are tough and resilient. During my studies, I was trained to have practical, quick, and decisive thinking skills.

Civil Engineering Bachelor Program

Established on October 12, 1964, the Civil Engineering Study Program of Universitas Islam Indonesia provides high-quality programs in civil engineering education. The strong, conducive academic atmosphere facilitates intensive learning of problem solving, design, project management, teamwork and leadership, as well as communication skills. Such process is supervised by 52 permanent teaching staff with 3 professors of earthquake science as well as 15 doctors of philosophy and 2 doctoral candidates from various universities in the USA, England, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. Eight laboratories alongside excellent educational facilities are available to support the teaching and learning process, research activities, and collaboration.

The Civil Engineering Study Program is noted for its excellence and remarkable achievements. After three consecutive periods of holding an A Grade accreditation status awarded by the Indonesian National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (BAN-PT), as of September 2013, the Civil Engineering Study Program has implemented the international education standards from JABEE (Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education) with the outcome-based education and continuous quality improvement principles. We are Indonesia’s first civil engineering program that has held an accreditation status from JABEE since March 2016 as well as become the pioneer of civil engineering program in a private university being assessed by IABEE (Indonesian Accreditation Board for Engineering Education).


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