Department of Civil Engineering UII is aimed to prepare and develop human resource to become capable in planning, design, constructing and management of the civil work and infrastructure for humanitarian happiness and welfare. At current state, the Department posseses a very reputable position as it is accredited by the Higher Education National Board of Accreditation of Indonesia (Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi – Indonesia NO. 023/BAN-PT/Ak-XI/S1/IX/2008) with “A” grade (outstanding) and posseses high rank among national schools of civil engineering.

Our Department provides students with high-quality programs in civil engineering education supported by faculty and staff and enriched with information gained from extensive laboratory and research work. Courses are interesting and challenging with an emphasis on small class sizes, individual attention and student oriented.

Through the “design courses” and “laboratory work courses” the department is able to provide the students intensive sessions in such subjects as problem solving, design, project management, teamwork and leadership, and also communications. These processes are guided by 38 qualified permanen academic teaching staff, consist of 3 Professors, 14 Phd titled, and 3 Phd candidates. The Department comprises five major area of expertise namely Structure, Geotechnics, Transportatation, Hidro, and Construction Management.

The Department has a variety of laboratories for materials and structures testing, fluid flow modeling and geotechnical investigation, as well as transportation engineering laboratory. An extensive network of computers with general and specialist software are also provided. We also has an established network of and civil engineering consulting and contracting organizations that provide real-world case studies, curriculum advice and feedback on work and excellent employment opportunities. The learning process, service and facilities supplies are controlled by quality management system to meet the quality assurance of students and stakeholders satisfaction.

Last but not least, our Depatment is situated in the Main Campus at the suburb of education town, Yogyakarta , creates a convenient of living and learn¬ing for prospective candidate of student. We welcome you to the school.

Head of the Department